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Fullard Fine Jewellery

Fullard Fine Jewellery

Fullard Fine Jewellery is one of the most respected jewellers in South East England, a family run company with over 40 years experience in the industry. In late 2019 the world was beginning to shift and fullards realised that they needed a company fit to bring them forward into the digital era.

We were first brought onboard to redesign and build a slick looking, user friendly website which would include an e-commerce store. After the completed build our relationship with the fullards continued and we now provide them monthly maintenance on their site, while also helping them continue to grow with new and exciting content each month, which we edit and upload for them across their dedicated social media platforms and website.

Since July of 2020 we have grown Fullards accounts from 300 follow to over 5,000 across multiple platforms, and we are looking forward to continuing our growth journey together.

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